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EVO Finals, Fighting Games, and Me

July 22nd, 2009 by DanielRGT

So I wasn’t at Evolution 2009, but goddamn every particle of me wanted to be there. I was at Evolution 2008 which was probably one of the greatest things I’ve ever been to, and I only know that Evolution 2009 would’ve topped it easily. I’m personally pissed that I wasn’t able to go, but hey when you don’t have enough money there’s not much you can do other than suck dick (I didn’t do that in case you were wondering, it’s pretty much just your only option unfortunately).

My friend Andres (nothingxs) qualified out of his HD Remix brackets in order to make the semi-finals for it, which is a first for him and I’m really happy to hear that he got out of the pool especially in winners. Unfortunately, he had to play Lag Fighter HD Remix and ended up losing after that. It sucks, but shit like that happens.

Quite honestly, EVO always inspires me to become a better player and I really feel like I want to work hard at the games and get good enough to be at least slightly known. Odds are that won’t happen for awhile though, but as long as it happens one day I’ll be happy.

Speaking of EVO, the final match (and the whole tournament for that matter) between Justin Wong and Daigo Umehara were hype as shit. Justin Wong picked Abel against Daigo’s Ryu, and unfortunately lost every time (Daigo ended up knocking Justin to losers this way). Then, when Justin climbed through losers and got into the Grand Finals he picked Abel for a round, lost, and picked Balrog (Boxer). As soon as I saw that he picked boxer, I knew there were going to be some hype matches. Justin’s Rog was on point, and gave Daigo a ton of trouble for what would be the hypest grand finals for any game I’ve ever fucking seen.

Also, no joke, EVO cured my acne. That’s whats up bitches.


July 13th, 2009 by DanielRGT

Today was my cousin’s 21st birthday, and as I was at his house some of his friends came over to hang out and say happy birthday. While there, we were sitting around and on the table was a strategy guide to the original Pokemon Red & Blue. His friends immediately went, “Oh man Pokemon, I remember that!” This immediately sparked up a conversation on, “Man, Pokemon was so fun. It had this, this, and I remember this, and Pokemon.”

It brought to my mind how there are all these new games out with all these fancy graphics and stuff, and I honestly can’t see myself (or others for that matter) sitting around going, “Man do you remember Gears of War? Good times.” At least, not the same way people talk about Pokemon. Granted, the Cole train is timeless but there’s 150 fuckers who outweigh the Cole train for nostalgia’s sake and for quality’s sake.

For me, obviously, it wasn’t very nostalgic as I have recently found myself playing Pokemon because I’m bored as fuck. This is a level beyond bored that you may be wondering (or not, but either way you’re going to find out) how bored it is. Let me paint a picture that is crystal clear to you: I’m playing fucking Pokemon.

Pokemon is a good game and all, but it’s not something I find myself doing quite often. The fact is, if boredom has hit me so hard that I’m willing to play Pokemon and not feel like a shithead directly after there’s a problem. This is what it has come to, and other than this website there’s not much really going on. I should probably get some new books, but I’d need to buy a LOT of books to successfully occupy myself for the rest of the summer because I read fast (though I don’t read often).

I could potentially finish playing Persona 3 & 4 (which are games that, if you haven’t already, you should start playing this very instant. They’re great games and they are for the PS2 so odds are you have the ability to play it.) but I’m taking a break since both games are kicking my ass and kicking it hard. I, honestly, would like to start playing a card game of sorts but that would require putting gratuitous amounts of money into buying booster packs and stuff.

The problem is that I love booster packs. Everytime I open a booster pack, I’m giddy with excitement. It’s like a miniature Christmas right there in my hands and then I get to see what surprises are inside. The problem is that my luck, when it comes to booster packs, is horrendous. There could be a card game that had 500 cards, and I would need any 1 of 490 of those cards and the booster pack will contain the 10 cards I don’t need. This is evidenced by the fact that I own over 650 Pokemon cards and in terms of actual quality the cards are horrendous.

My luck is the least of my worries though, considering I’ve had like 6 Diet Dr. Peppers in the last hour.

I’m pretty sure I’m dyi-

Animu-conventions: Yasumicon sucked.

July 12th, 2009 by DanielRGT

Last year (being the wonderful and wild year of 2008, though if you were to ask me why it was wonderful or wild I would probably shrug and call you gay) I went and helped out at an anime convention down here in Miami called Yasumicon. I was doing it because one of my good friends, nothingxs, was running the game room. They were going to have fighting games there (Capcom vs SNK 2, Third Strike, Guilty Gear, etc) and I was ready and willing to help as well as play some games. So I go in a car with me, nothingxs, and our friend Chris and we get the game room set up (albeit like an hour late to no fault of our own, the people supplying us with the other TVs that we hadn’t brought and the other consoles were late. We later found out that this was sort of not their fault except for the part where it completely was, even if they had difficulties with getting a van).

So the game room finally opens and things are going normal as game rooms go; that is to say that everything that usually happens in game rooms happened in this one. At the beginning of the game room’s opening, the person running the game room (as I said, nothingxs) almost got into a fight with a very strong asian guy named Jae, grimey anime convention kids stole stuff, angryman threw a pokeball at my head when I beat him in CvS2, all normal game room stuff.

So the year ends with a variety of equipment being stolen (not like the majority of equipment, but enough that it matters), and our overall feeling of the whole event was, “Goddamn, was all that work worth it? Anime kids are grimy.” Overall consensus: That convention sucked cocks.

So yesterday, after getting back from my vacation in Bonita Springs, my friend Chris picks me up to hang out at THIS year’s Yasumicon. We get there, enter the “game room” (though apparently it’s not the RIGHT game room, the one I was looking for was the one upstairs) and I’m standing around with a Street Fighter IV Fightstick while a ton of smelly kids are playing Yu-Gi-Oh. The concept of standing around with a bunch of fucks who play Yu-Gi-Oh and “not fitting in” is an absolutely retarded one, but that’s what was essentially going on.

Luckily, I run into my friend Rachel and she takes me to the upstairs game room. As soon as I get there, I immediately realize it’s no better than the one downstairs. The difference is that this room is on the 2nd floor, has a bunch of TVs, and a bunch of scrubs playing fighting games. So I go back down accompanied by nothingxs (the person who ran the game room last year, but they decided that it was his fault that all the shit got stolen and the game room started late and whatever, but hey they know everything right cause they were present running the game room right? Right?) and his girlfriend, the previously mentioned Rachel.

Immediately, we notice how lame the convention is. I mean, it’s beyond lame; it’s reached a point of just utter shit that no gathering should ever reach. When you have a so-called convention, and it consists of a bunch of smelly costume kids standing around going “Uguu~” and nothing else, who gives a fuck. I could be at HOME in a costume going “Uguu~”, I don’t have to go to FIU to do that.

We go back into smelly card players room, except by now the smell has multiplied by at least twenty and is reaching Gas Chamber status. We were trying to get Chris to go out with us to eat cause we were hungry, but as we were waiting we decided to play some Rock Band. This was the only memorable thing that happened at that convention, and it was pretty fun. Playing with people who play because they want to have fun, that’s what Rock Band is about.

Anyways, we leave and immediately (without saying anything) all mutually understand that the convention was fucking lame and we easily could have been that bored at home with the only difference being that I can make a tasty fucking sammich at my house and I can’t at Yasumicon. Not without the sammich being brought into some dumb fucking roleplay which, unfortunately, happens to me more often than I would like to admit.

Steak with a side of steak.

July 11th, 2009 by DanielRGT

So tonight is my last night of this week-long vacation, and overall I guess it’ been an ok vacation. The best part, easily, was the fact that me and my family went out to a place called, The Grillroom. That is not to say that this room is literally a grill, but it certainly was fucking delicious.

I’m a man who likes steak and will never pass down a chance to get some good quality meat eating (no homo). There are things called churascarias (I almost definitely spelled this wrong, I will have to ask you to deal with it. So deal with it.), and these are centers of absolute deliciousness. Theses things even exist in Chicago, and are very expensive for good reasons. The setting is simple: sit down in a restaurant and have a bunch of waiters give you different types of meat. These kind offerings do not end until you want them to end, and this food is as delicious as they come. These places also include a salad bar/side bar where you can get salads, rice, beans, stuff that goes well with meat.

Just typing about this makes me want to eat there, so if any of you reading this would like to fund an excursion to one of these places I would willingly accept.

People who know me are aware of my standing on meat, and why it’s so delicious. Here’s the secret to why it’s so delicious:

because it is goddamnit now stop asking questions and fund my way to Texas de Brazil.

Ender's Game

July 10th, 2009 by DanielRGT

So I went to the bookstore today and bought Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. I’m about halfway done with the book, and I started maybe two or three hours ago. Needless to say, I can’t put the book down (with the exception of writing this entry).

I don’t quite often read books, in fact I almost never read books. There are a few selection of books that I have actually read. Here is a list of them, and I would like you to take keen note of how long this list is (Answer: not very):

  • The Harry Potter series
  • The Giving Tree

Now, I also read the book Twilight (at the very least one-third of it), but this was simply for the humor in it. You see, Twilight is a horrible book and is getting horrible reviews and people are saying it’s horrible. Now, when people say stuff like that, I have to at least give the book a “fair shot.” Of course, Twilight was never getting a fair shot as it’s truly just a horrible book. I mean, if it turned out that everyone was wrong and that Twilight was good (which isn’t the case, oh dear GOD it’s not the case) then I would have been pleasantly surprised. That wasn’t the case, and it’s all for the better since now I can truly belittle it, despise it, and reveal it for the horrible piece of literature that it is.

Now back on point, Ender’s game is fantastic. It’s truly a book that I can’t put down, and not many books do that for me. Then again, I don’t often give too many books a fair shot, but unless people recommend me a book (as was the case for this book) I don’t really buy books. It’s not like a video game where I can look at the cover and go, “Man, this game looks good.” Books are completely different, and I simply have to hear from another person that the book is good for me to buy it.

Now, I don’t want to take up too much of your time so I’m going to go back to reading. I’m putting Ender’s game on hold at the moment though, I really just want to read my favorite book again…

The Goddamn Giving Tree

A very lengthy post on the pros and cons of politics.

July 8th, 2009 by DanielRGT

Fuck politics.

Trading Card Games

July 7th, 2009 by DanielRGT

Since I’m here on vacation, I had to bring a lot of portable games with me. I brought my PS2, but unfortunately I forgot my memory card back in Miami so I can’t really play anything except for Capcom vs SNK 2. Training mode is…well it’s not fun, but it’s worthwhile since it makes me a little better at the game.

Emphasis on “a little,” as it really takes playing another human being to truly improve at fighting games. That’s not what I’m talking about here, though, this is about trading card games.

One of the games I brought with me is “Pokemon Trading Card Game” for the Gameboy Color. It’s my sister’s game technically, so she’s been playing it on the actual handheld but I’ve got an emulator up and running and am playing it currently as well. One thing I immediately notice is that the Gameboy Color game is infinitely more fun than the physical trading card game. This, however, only rings true with the Pokemon Trading Card game. Every other TCG (That stands for Trading Card Game if you’re dumb and haven’t caught on at this point) that has a video game iteration sucks, that is to say the video game version of the card game sucks.

If you think otherwise, well, you clearly need to play more games.

TCG’s aren’t boring to begin with, though I’m not a big fan of how expensive it is to get into any of them. Yu-Gi-Oh costs hundreds of dollars if you want to win, and even if you don’t you still buy booster packs at very inflated costs in hopes of getting a rare/cool card. I did this with Pokemon back when it was a craze, and I used a lot of money to get to this point today and be able to sell my 700+ Pokemon cards for a total of $26.70.

Booster packs, at the time I bought them, cost about $5.00. They contained about 10 or so cards. That’s $350 I spent on Pokemon cards, and $27 I’m getting back for that investment. It irks me sure, but I’m not surprised. I kept the Pokemon cards at the time because I heard the tales of the “bubblegum baseball cards” that now cost hundreds, some thousands of dollars to buy.

These two situations, however, aren’t synonymous. Not even a little bit. You didn’t “duel” your bubblegum baseball cards. Babe Ruth didn’t have Hit Points or attacks, he was just fucking Babe Ruth. The difference now is that Pokemon TCG is still played and all the old cards are useless, they’re either banned or not very good because of the newer cards. So, of course I’m not going to get a lot of money for my cards.

I’ve decided to keep the cards though, in hopes that one day I can maybe get $30+ dollars for it. Here’s hoping for the future, am I right?

Exclusive Look into the birth of Jamison Trumpets

July 7th, 2009 by DanielRGT

You’ve been wondering it, and I’ve delivered it. Welcome to how Jamison Trumpets began:


The site is up!

July 6th, 2009 by DanielRGT

Finally, I’ve got Jamison Trumpets, my blog and media holder, up and running. The site looks great thanks to Kirk Sigmon. I’d highly recommend him if you want a website done, because this website is what you may get.

I’m very excited to get started on actually updating the site, and making it actually contain things. So far, I’ve only got that “Nosy Neighbor” animation up, and I guess that twitter i just started. I’m not really saying I support twitter, because I honestly don’t, but people seem to be attracted to that sort of thing and if that’ll bring people to my website, I don’t mind in the least.

I’m currently on vacation at the moment in Bonita Springs, Florida. It’s not far from where I live (which is Miami), but I’m staying with my family in a very nice condominium, jam packed with crappy wireless internet. In all honesty though, the vacation is going well. I’ve relaxed (except for the fact that I can’t move my legs. Damn treadmill.) and have been playing a lot of Earthbound and Super Metroid. As far as video game walkthroughs go, you’ll probably see those two games up first. They’re old, they already have walkthroughs, but I plan to put a lot of effort into mine. Pictures, videos, the works.

I’ve really needed this vacation to be honest. I need to take my mind off the fact that I’m not going to Evolution 2009. Unfortunately for me, my friends are going and I won’t be able to tag along. The reason for this is that plane tickets to Las Vegas, Nevada are expensive and I honestly just can’t afford it. I went last year and it was amazing, easily one of the greatest experiences¬† and trips of my life.

The big thing about EVO (Evolution shortened) is that this year it has Street Fighter IV, the newest installment to the Street Fighter franchise from Capcom. In all honesty, the game isn’t as good as I hoped it would be, but it’s still entertaining and the “hot new thing” if you will. At the very least, it is infinitely more interesting than watching Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

Third Strike ya’ll.

Media Page – Under Construction

July 6th, 2009 by DanielRGT

Since I’ve got this new look, it’s time to actually start building the media page.

Be on the lookout for animations, comics, walkthroughs, and reviews that’ll be uploaded here. But don’t forget¬† to also keep in touch with the main page, it’s doubling as my blog as well as letting you know about updates¬† to the site.

Also, if you’re in to that sort of thing you can follow this website on Twitter. As this site gets updated, so will my twitter:


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